T Lee Marshall

War-injured Americans are a resource for the
American International Group.
AIG is KBR’s workmen’s comp carrier;
paid and bailed out by the taxpayer.
War-injured Americans are a resource for the American International Group.
AIGis KBR’s workmen’s comp carrier; paid and bailed out by the taxpayer.

I was a convoy bulk-fuel truck driver for KBR. In May, 2005, FOB Spiecher, I
fell from atop an army fuel tanker, shattering my right hip.
Following five surgeries and four years of wheelchairs and crutches, I could
finally walk, somewhat assisted by cane. The price of using two legs was severe pain in
my spinal cord.
In response, two doctors requested an MRI to “get a closer look for any damage.”
Their requests were denied and AIG promptly terminated my disability compensation and
medical treatment, i.e., their liability. The mere hint of a spinal injury sent my medical
claim scrambling from doctors practicing medicine to AIG practicing medicine. The due
date for my disability check came and went with no explanation from AIG.
AIG later filed Form LS-207 “suspension, termination of compensation” with the
Department of Labor. “Employee medically non-compliant. Employee uncooperative.
Employee failed to attend two Independent Medical Evaluations,” were cited reasons for
termination. No mention was made of a suspected spinal injury or the requested and
denied MRI. I asked AIG for clarification. AIG was silent.
The DOL later clarified AIG’s charges. Within a week, I had proven to the DOL
that Federal Document LS-207 AIG submitted terminating my benefits was falsified. To
put it nicely, AIG’s reasons were outright lies. Falsifying Federal Documents is a felony.
My doctor ordered twelve physical therapy sessions. I completed eleven when
AIG scheduled an exam with my doctor expecting some miraculous recovery. I could
barely walk; looking half dead and using a cane. “Did the doctor release you?” was the
first question AIG’s case manager asked as I emerged from the exam room.
My doctor terminated the physical therapy. I did not complete all twelve sessions.
AIG charges “non-compliance.” I demanded all communications in writing and restricted
their case manager from the exam room. I wanted her forced to base her reports on the
doctor’s case notes. AIG charges “uncooperative.” AIG scheduled an IME for 24
February, and then rescheduled it for 04 March because of a conflict with the spinal
AIG’s local case manager was advised of my impending spinal exam. The case
manager advised AIG. Within minutes, I received an email cancelling my March IME “as
per insurance carrier.” AIG rescheduled one evaluation and then canceled the second.
AIG charges “employee failed to attend two IMEs”
Reputable companies, once their charges were found to be a mistake or
immediately rights the wrong. Reputable companies would not deal with
human lives and their families with AIG’s depraved indifference. AIG’s refusal to
reinstate implicates intent to defraud. “We didn’t know,” is ruled out as a defense.
The DOL requested an update for my case file. The documents AIG submitted
substantiated my evidence proving the company lied. AIG had those documents in their
possession from the beginning. The use of false charges to terminate benefits is a felony.
The Dept of Labor has requested reinstatement of my benefits in reply to every
form AIG submits and re-submits. “In consideration of [my evidence],” writes the DOL
in a letter to AIG’s law firm, “…there appears to be no basis for the employer/carrier to
have terminated Mr. Marshall’s entitlement to compensation and medical treatment.” Still
AIG persists with the same charges.
AIG reigns over the injured. There are Federal penalties in place to protect the
claimant. It is the DOL’s mission to enforce those penalties, but they fail. The DOL has
only the power to make requests. The only authority AIG recognizes is the Adminstrative
Law Judge. Unfortunately for the contractor, AIG has paralyzed that system with
thousands of hearings from the war-injured they have denied.
Thirty-one thousand contractors injured, 1400 dead, and AIG made 100 billion
off our blood while paying out less than one percent in medical care. Why does the
Department of Labor and the Administrative Law Judges excuse these Corporations of
felonies? If the Corporations were held accountable to the Longshoreman Act and
United States Code the system would not be paralyzed.
According to UCMJ § 802. Art. 2.(a)(4)(10), AIG, KBR and all contractors are
subject to military law. Where could the money bloating these firm’s be used?

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