American Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

Doctors who work for the insurance companies
Defense Medical Examination Doctors
(Paid for Second Opinions)

They may use the term
Independent Medical Examination

which is only used when the DoL chooses the Doctor under strict guidelines ensuring that the
Doctor does not do more than one examination every two years for the defense

The doctors listed on this page are paid by insurance companies to perform Medical Evaluations
on injured contractors and provide them with a report that can be used against you

Would you choose one of these Doctors to be your treating physician?

Let us know who your DME Doc's are so we can add them here
AIG's Hired gun
Dr John Dorland Griffith
!!  Exposed !!
If you lost your claim due to testimony by Dr Griffith
contact us
AIG's Fab Four
in Houston

Many contractors have been flown from
as far as five states away to see
these hired guns
and one Houston Plaintiff's lawyer helps
make these arrangements
much less doing nothing to
stop this abuse

We'll start with

Dr. John Dorland Griffith
no known office
no known contact information
but you can find him at the
DBA X Files
and you can find him
Busted here

Dr JM Barrash

Dr Bryan Drazner
This guy was not able to renew his license in
Illinois and had a Sanction against him in Texas by
the Texas Department of Insurance no less
But Gary Pitts told his clients to go to him anyway

Dr JJ Twomey

The new kid on the block
the mobile hired gun

Dr J Robert Yeoman

Doing Psych Evals for AIG
Houston TX

Dr. Mohan Nair

Drs. Bill H. Grimm
clinical psychologist

William S. Brasted
clinical psychologist

David N Greenblum MD PA
Forensic Psychiatrist
805 Century Medical Drive
Titusville FL  
This guy had a melt down on a PTSD patient
Yelling and gesturing like a madman

Dr Mark S. Moeller

Dr. Michael Hilton

Dr William S Brasted
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Bill H Grimm
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Carroll Brodsky

Dr Mohan Nair

Dr Mark S Moeller

Dr Michael Hilton
Lawrence S Halperin MD
Orlando Orthopedic Center
25 W Crystal Lake St #200
Orlando, FL  32806
This guy even has a legal department
that handles arrangement of the DME's
Would not allow claimant to reschedule
appointment to a date that he could be
there.  CNA lawyer claims they simply
said he was a no show.
Some one is lying......
Has this Insurance Company "Dr." tried
to diagnose your back injury as
Be sure to check this guys record
before you submit to a DME
And please contact us

Vetted International  /  ACE
Mohammed I Ranavaya MD JD MS
Professor Occupational and
Disability Medicine
Joan C Edward School of Medicine
Marshall University WV
This one rewrites other doctors
reports for ACE.

Dr. Marvin Rosen
909 Hancock St
Quincy , MA 02120
Phone: (617) 773-7457
Nizam Razack, MD
Spine and Brain Neurosurgery
7460 Doc's Grove Circle
Orlando, FL  32819

Dr. Ronald Oppenheim
1400 S Orlando Ave
Suite 301
Winter Park Florida 32789
There are also companies who serve as brokers for Doctors who do
Defense Medical Examinations

How much of their income do you think comes from Insurance Companies?

You may need to google these names as they have blocked links from this site

MES Solutions

MLS National Medical Evaluation Services

Seak Independent Medical Examiners look up

William J Robbins MD
Infectious Disease
1720 South Orange Avenue
Suite 300
Orlando, FL 32806

This guy works for MLS
National Medical Evaluation
Services and
has close ties with several
large pharma companies
David N Greenblum MD PA
Forensic Psychiatrist
805 Century Medical Drive
Titusville FL  
This guy had a melt down on a PTSD patient
Yelling and gesturing like a madman
Maybe it was just his intimidation