Important Facts to know before
becoming a contractor,
don't leave home NOT KNOWING!

When reading your contract in Houston,
make no mistake, SEII is the actual company
you will be working for; NOT KBR.   A shell
company located in the Cayman Island.  

The DBA Insurance , is nothing like AETNA or
Blue Cross Blue shield.  It protects the
company and insurance company from
having to pay your medical bills if you get
injured in Iraq or abroad.  
The law read differently, but then again, look
at the cases... OH thats right, the AOLJ court
cases.  I'm sure KBR didn't mention that to
The DBA (Defense Base Act) allows
contractors a free attorney, well maybe?
And free medical, well if the insurance will
approve it.  
It also allows Insurance companies to deny
your medical for 3 or more years.
Keep in mind no one is overseaing how
injured contractors are being treated.

As for as Convoy Drivers keep in mind the
military rules of engagment, if you don't know
them ASK for the military book, or you could
be in Iraq stuck on a sandy road being shot at
by insurgents and no one around to save
your ass.
Americans going to work for KBR in Iraq
are not going as employees of KBR.
Contract on the left.....

KBR Tech. Services  is a Head Hunter for
SEII (Service Employers Int. Inc.)
See doc.
which is a subsidiary of Halliburton located
in the Cayman Islands.
(See doc.)  
Working for K.B.R.?
July 9, 2008, 10:36PM
Iraq blast killed 3 KBR employees

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle Washington

WASHINGTON — Three KBR employees in Iraq
were killed and as many as 13 others were injured
early this week when an armored passenger bus
traveling near Mosul struck a roadside bomb,
company officials confirmed Wednesday.

The bus, carrying 34 passengers, was traveling
between Qayyarah Airfield West and Camp
Diamondback in Mosul on Monday when it is
believed to have hit a large improvised explosive
device, said Heather Browne, a spokeswoman for
the Houston-based military contracting giant.

Citing the families' privacy, KBR would not provide
any other details about the victims.

A military spokeswoman for the Multi-National
Force Iraq declined to discuss the incident beyond
saying that four people in all were killed and eight
were injured. KBR said the fourth fatality was not
one of its employees.

The discrepancy in the KBR and military injury
counts could not be reconciled Wednesday.

To date, 87 KBR workers have been killed and 849
wounded by hostile action in Iraq. The company
has not said how many were Americans.

12:41 AM on
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BAGHDAD -- An American soldier was killed
Tuesday when a roadside bomb struck his vehicle
west of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

The military also announced the deaths of
"private contractors in a similar attack Monday
in northern Iraq."

Eight contractors were injured in that
bombing, which occurred about 15 miles
south of the city of Mosul.

The Associated PressPublished: July 9, 2008

Iraq: Suicide car bomb targets military convoy,
killing 5 civilians
KBR contract
The Price of Freedom

This video was made as a  Tribute  to those KBR drivers who lost their lives
during a military bug out.
Produced by Blackwater employee
What is KBRs Turn Over Rate?
More bad wiring imperils troops in
By KIMBERLY HEFLING, The Associated Press 5:
29 a.m. March 26, 2009

WASHINGTON — The military is racing to inspect
more than 90,000 U.S.-run facilities across Iraq to
reduce a deadly threat troops face far off the
battlefield: electrocution or shock while showering
or using appliances.
About one-third of the inspections so far have
turned up major electrical problems, according to
interviews and an internal military document
obtained by The Associated Press. Half of the
problems they found have since been fixed but
about 65,000 facilities still need to be inspected,
which could take the rest of this year. Senior
Pentagon officials were on Capitol Hill this week for
briefings on the findings.

Iraq war veteran, and former California Army
National Guardsman Sgt. Ron Vance, is seen
at his in Fresno, Calif., home Tuesday, Feb. 25,
2009. The electric shock that ripped through
Vance's body while showering at a U.S. base
in Taji, Iraq, in August 2004 knocked him
unconscious. Vance said he didn't feel the
military took the incident seriously: "It wasn't a
priority on their list. It was like, he's fine. He's
alive. He's OK." (AP Photo/Gary Kazanjian) -
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