Failed VBID in Iraq-CAR BOMB

This car ran up on a military convoy, hitting the military tank hoping to explode the car and it didn’t
work. It destroyed the front end of the car, so the car could not move. The military sent the Robot
camera as you see in the video to the car, to see if anyone was still alive. You see through the video
camera that the man is alive and the entire car is full of explosives, with an explosives in the mans
lap. He is praying and refuses to get out of the car. The military tries to talk him out of the car and he
still refuses. The Robot comes back, and they military tie's a silver suit case to the robot that then
carries this silver suitcase to back to the car. The robot releases it and drops it by the car and then
the robot goes back to EOD. Warning the Iraqie again to get out of the vehicle again, and as they state
they are going to blow the car up! Still he refuses. So then our military BLOWS UP the CAR with the
man alive inside!