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About Us
American Contractors in Iraq is made up of Contractors, their families, and community members
who aid us in our efforts.

We are here to keep contractors and their families up to date on issues that effect them now and
in the future.

Many of us are injured contractors or family members of contractors that were killed and find
themselves fighting for the benefits that the Defense Base Act was intended to provide them.

Our biggest issues lie with the Defense Base Act, its "exclusive remedy" clause, it's financial
compensation shortcomings if you can even get them, and the Department of Labor's non
enforcement of it's implementation.

Our goal is  to make US Government Contracting work in the War Zones or just overseas
equitable for the taxpayer, the employer, and the employee.

Please contact us if you'd like to join us in this effort or if you need help

Marcie Hascall Clark
321 779 6799