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Clues that your DBA Attorney
is not working
in your best interest

AIG and CNA's defense lawyers know who these attorneys
are and know what they can get away with if you are
being represented by one of them

The following clues that your lawyer is not working in your best
interest are from real clients with some of the most well known names
in the Defense Base Act Attorney line up.   If you recognize these clues
from your own lawyer and you do not fire them
only you are to blame for losing your claim

Most DBA Attorneys

Your Attorney has your hearing date postponed so that he can attend the annual
Longshore Conference in New Orleans, setting you back indefinitely and without your

Fly your client from his hometown in North Carolina, or somewhere in Arkansas to
Houston Texas for a psychological examination and administration of the MMPI and Fake
Bad Scale by the notorious insurance company defense doctor.  The "Dr"  admittedly
knows nothing about PTSD, his background is in pharmacology.   The claimant is not
required to travel out of his geographic area for DME's by the insurance companies
favorite patsy.

Your lawyer fails to submit evidence on your behalf at your hearing.

Your lawyer fails to provide a post brief following your hearing.  The judge has to call him
twice and ask for it and he still does not provide it.

Your lawyer fails to mention that the fake bad scale had been thrown out in three
cases/courts before these.

Your lawyer changes the jurisdiction of your claim without asking you.  Your claim is in
the jurisdiction of your residence not his or hers.  If you are a foreign claimant your claim
is to be filed in New York, not Florida.

Your lawyer does not read the DSMIV and consequently does not challenge the defense
shrink on delayed onset in any of his cases.

Your lawyer tells you the defense wants to postpone your hearing but when you see the
paperwork at a later date you see that it states the claimant asked for the postponement.

Each time your DBA Attorney contacts you it's as though it's the first time.  Are you
thinking to yourself  Deja Vu , that you are sure we went over all of this many times
before?  Are you wondering why nothing has been done to forward your claim?  It's
probably because nothing is being done.  But he will be filing for payment on those
phone calls.

Your lawyer sends you a stipulation agreement that the defense attorney wrote up and
includes a cover letter recommending that you sign it and return it promptly.  The
agreement if full of errors and omissions and actually has you owing the insurance
company money.

Your lawyer is going to charge you 20% of your settlement and tells you its a bargain.  He
doesn't tell you that the insurance company is supposed to pay for your lawyer.

Your lawyer doesn't tell you about your formal hearing and misses it himself.  You find
out in the mail that your claim was denied.

Your lawyer tells a third party that you are faking PTSD.

Your lawyer tells you that you are fat and lazy and should get a job.

You answer discovery questions and your lawyer forwards the notes you send him
directly to the defense attorney as the official answers.

Your lawyer sits there in a hearing and allows the insurance company defense lawyer to
shred you, humiliate you and does nothing to stop it or defend you.

Your lawyer allows the defense to claim that you learned how to fake PTSD by coming to
American Contractors in Iraq without any protest.

Someone contacts your lawyer with vital information regarding your claim and he
chooses not to tell you about it nor does he act on it.  You lose your case.
Same lawyer accepts a check for thousands of dollars from you after whining about how
much it cost him to lose your case.

Your lawyer recommends only filing a claim on part of your injuries.

Your lawyer refuses to request records vital to your claim.

Your lawyer does not read your file because "it's too big".

Your lawyer recommends going for the "blended" approach in determining your Average
Weekly Wage because that is the trend, not because it's right.
He's actually part of creating this trend by allowing it  rather than fighting for what his
client should get.

Your lawyer agrees with the Judge that you lied about seeing a doctor for PTSD.  
There was a typo on the date of the paperwork. Your doctor immediately admitted to this
This paperwork was presented to the judge in violation of discovery but your lawyer
does not protest.

Your lawyers says this to the media
Some DBA lawyers argued that insurance companies are just doing their job when they
take the time to investigate claims.  “That’s the insurance business,” commented XXXXX
XXXXXX, an attorney in Dania Beach, Fla., whose firm has represented about 200
workers.  “They are entitled to determine a causal relationship.”

Defense Base Act Attorneys page   click here
The Defense Base Act provides
for a claimants legal fees.

If your lawyer asks for payment
or asks for a percentage of your
"reward" find a lawyer who
does not.

Good DBA Lawyers are not
afraid of not being paid under
the Act.

We have a list of DBA Lawyers
who take or ask for money from
their clients

to see if yours is on the list
Good Claims Gone Bad