Subject: Re: Melissa KBR contractor needs pic

Thank you for your reply. My Uncle David is the second guy from the right with the cigarette and "Homeless in Iraq"
sign. His full name is David Lee Morgan. He lived in Seadrift, Texas to the age of 51 until he shot and killed himself this
past Friday the 13th. This photo is from late last summer. I received the picture in early August of 2004. This is all the
specific info. I have, but I can get more if need be...

I think I would be interested in speaking with you, although, I unfortunately don't know as much about my uncle's
situation as I would like to, because I live in Ohio and he has lived in Texas now for many years. I have only seen him a
couple times a year since he's lived in Texas and drove truck. I just know that the David that returned from Iraq was not
the David that I knew before he left. Something in me needs to understand more about what happened to him.

Thank you very much for your help and I would love to keep in contact and will also be joining the support group,
because I want to understand more about what may have happened to my Uncle. Many people are dismissing what he
did as selfish and unjustifyable, but I firmly believe that he was not himself at the time and was suffering greatly from
his experience and difficulty in finding acceptance when he returned home.

I look forward to hearing from you and plan on calling you later in the week.

Thanks again. You don't know how much this means to me. I also think it will be helpful to my mom, who is having a
difficult time understanding how the brother she was so close to could come to this.

Melissa D. McCauley