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3,357 Contractor Deaths

94,727 Contractors Injured

At Least 300 Civilian Civilian Contractor Deaths in 2012

At Least 418 Civilian Contractor Deaths in 2011

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A United Nations Mine Action Employee has filed a lawsuit against

Ronco Consulting Corporation

for negligence after stepping on a landmine resulting in an immediate below the knee amputation in an area previously cleared by and certified clear of landmines by Ronco Consulting.

The United Nations board of inquiry found that Ronco failed to find the mine that injured Mr Fartham as well as three other mines.

The complaint states that Ronco Consulting, acting through it’s agents and/or employee’s, breached it’s professional duty of care to Fantham and did not exercise the reasonable care and skill expected of professional mine clearance companies.

Fantham vs. Ronco Consulting

Ronco Settles Negligence Lawsuit with UN Mine Action Employee

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Former Marine GNY SGT Gunny Johns Civilian Contractor Killed in Iraq

Former Marine Gny Sgt Gunny Johns killed working as contractor in iraq.

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2 American Civilian Contractors killed in Afghanistan

CNN February 11, 2014


Two civilian contractors killed in a suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan earlier this week were Americans, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul said Tuesday.

The contractors were working with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force when they died Monday.

The attack was a suicide car bombing targeting an ISAF military convoy in eastern Kabul, near the country’s largest detention center, according to one of the city’s district police chiefs, Akbar Ali.

Six other people were injured in the attack, Ali said.

The insurgent group Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin claimed responsibility for the attack, according to group spokesman Eng Haroon Zarghob.

KBR’s Gag Orders Revealed

“This is mostly about trying to scare someone into not talking,” McCormack said. “It’s very effective to say you will be fired or sued. This is a very big company with lots of resources.”

Lawsuit brings to light secrecy statements required by KBR


One of the nation’s largest government contractors requires employees seeking to report fraud to sign internal confidentiality statements barring them from speaking to anyone about their allegations, including government investigators and prosecutors, according to a complaint filed Wednesday and corporate documents obtained by The Washington Post.

Attorneys for a whistleblower suing Halliburton Co. and its former subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root, said the statements violate the federal False Claims Act and other laws designed to shield whistleblowers.

Two American Security Officers Found Dead on Maersk

2 US Security Officers Found Dead in Seychelles

AP The Big Story

— Feb. 19, 2014 1:32 PM EST

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Two American security officers have been found dead on a ship made famous when it was hijacked by Somali pirates, according to a statement on Wednesday by Seychelles police.

The two Americans — Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44 — were found dead Tuesday in a cabin on the Maersk Alabama, the ship hijacked by pirates in 2009, an event dramatized in the movie “Captain Phillips” starring Tom Hanks, according to a statement issued by police in the Indian Ocean island nation of Seychelles. .

The police gave no cause of death but said a post mortem has been scheduled.

The U.S. Coast Guard stated from its headquarters in Washington that it is also investigating the deaths.

The two men worked for U.S.-based Trident Security, according to the Seychelles police statement. Former military personnel frequently provide security on board ships sailing through the waters off Somalia to provide security against pirate attacks.

Translator Suspected in Torture Arrested in Afghanistan

The New York Times  July 7, 2013

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan officials confirmed Sunday that they had arrested and were questioning Zakaria Kandahari, whom they have described as an Afghan-American translator responsible for torturing and killing civilians while working for an American Special Forces unit.

The arrest of Mr. Kandahari, who was sought on charges of murder, torture and abuse of prisoners, was confirmed by Maj. Gen. Manan Farahi, head of intelligence for the Afghan Defense Ministry. He said Mr. Kandahari, who escaped from an American base in January after President Hamid Karzai demanded his arrest, was captured in Kandahar by the National Directorate for Security, the Afghan intelligence service. There had been speculation for the last three weeks that Mr. Kandahari was in custody.

Afghan officials had accused the American military of deliberately allowing Mr. Kandahari to escape, a claim that American officials rejected. Americans officials said that Mr. Kandahari was no longer working for them at the time and that he was not an American citizen.

“Zakaria Kandahari has been detained in Kandahar and is in N.D.S. custody,” General Farahi said. “He is under investigation. N.D.S. requested the defense and interior ministries to provide them with evidence and documents against him

Please see the original and read more here

Ricky Watterson, Former Police Officer, Civilian Contractor DynCorp, Injured in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

WCYB.com  July 5, 2013

Ricky Watterson served as a deputy with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office for almost 21 years: from 1984 until 2000 and again from 2002 to 2005.

Long-time friend and co-worker Lt. B.J. Richardson began his career with Watterson. “We worked as correctional officers together, and then we got promoted to the road as road officers. We spent many a year on the road as road officers,” he told us.

But now he’s gone from protecting the streets here to those thousands of miles away. Watterson works for DynCorp International, a security contractor that’s teaching the Afghan National Police security tactics.

On Tuesday, July 2, he saw the danger there up close. A suicide bomber hit Camp Pinnacle, outside of Kabul, killing seven. Three of those killed were Watterson’s peers from DynCorp.

It left a crater 30 feet wide. Watterson had a concussion, cuts and bruises.

Richardson says Watterson went to Aafghanistan to help others, something he did here as well. “He was always willing to help somebody. You call him on the phone [and say], ‘Hey Rick, I need you to come over.’ And he’d be there. He’s that kind of person,” Richardson said

John Vikram Martis, United Nations, NATO, Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

DaijiWorld  July 4. 2013

john_040713-3John Vikram Martis (34) from Malpe Bailakere near here became a victim of an incident in which a bomb went off on Tuesday July 2 at Afghanistan.

Martis, an employee of United Nations Organization, had been deputed to Afghanistan to work as an accountant for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces deployed in Afghanistan. He had been working in that country since the last four years.

Martis was to leave to Dubai for employment on June 28. However, he had to cancel his trip after a bomb blast incident at the airport there on June 27. He revised his plan and planned to leave for Dubai on July 4, but lost his life on Tuesday July 2 in an unfortunate incident.

Martis always worked inside the office and therefore his family members thought the risk is minimum, unlike the forces which constantly is required to go out and face tough situations. On Tuesday, bomb blast occurred inside the NATO office. Martis, who was critically injured, breathed his last.

Martis was unmarried. He is survived by aged parents, two brothers, and a sister. He belonged to Thottam parish

At Least 55 Civilian Contractor Deaths in Second Quarter 2013

Please see Civilian Contractor Casualty Count for prior Statistics and Totals


According to the Department of Labor’s Defense Base Act Claim Summary Reports there were at least  55 Civilian Contractor Deaths

filed on in the second quarter of 2013.

There were at least 2,806 Injuries reported during this same time

Keep in mind that these numbers are not an accurate accounting of Contractor Casualties as many injuries and deaths are not reported as Defense Base Act Claims. Also, many of these injuries will become deaths due to the Defense Base Act Insurance Companies denial of medical benefits.

Many foreign national and local national contractors and their families are never told that they are covered under the Defense Base Act and so not included in the count.

At Least 5 DBA Death Claim were filed for Iraq.

At Least 36 DBA Death Claims were filed for Afghanistan

At Least 9 DBA Death Claims were filed for PAKISTAN

At Least 1 DBA Death Claim was filed for Kuwait

At Least  1 DBA Death Claim filed as Nation Pending

At Least 1 DBA Death Claim filed for Qatar

At Least 1 DBA Death Claim Filed for Columbia

At Least 1 DBA Death Claim Filed for the Russian Federation

At least 1 DBA Death Claim Filed for Georgia

Kurt Muncy, American Civilian Contractor, DynCorp killed in Afghanistan

Journal News July 3, 2013

Kurt MuncyA former Eaton police officer and Preble County sheriff’s deputy, who was working as a contractor in Afghanistan training local police, has been killed in that country.

Kurt Muncy, 42, was an international police adviser for DynCorp International, Falls Church, Va., and had been with the military contractor at least five years.

Muncy’s death is believed to have occurred Tuesday morning as a result of a suicide bombing on Camp North Gate civilian base near Kabul, according to media reports, which also report that the Taliban claimed responsibility. The incident occurred at 4:30 a.m. when a truck laden with explosives detonated at the base about 24 miles from Bagram Air Base, primarily used to house employees of DynCorp, according to those same media reports.

Ashley Burke, DynCorp spokeswoman, issued the following statement Tuesday afternoon: “As you know DynCorp International suffered a number of casualties in the attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, earlier today. Right now our focus is on our personnel and their families, and we are not able to release any additional details at this time.”

Eaton Police Chief Chad DePew said Muncy’s family was notified of the death on Tuesday morning.

DePew said Muncy worked for the police department from April 1995 through Sept. 30, 2001, then joined Preble County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy

Mark Duffus, British Civilian Contractor, Private Security Consultant, Blue Hackle, killed in Suicide Bombing

British security consultant dies in Afghanistan

The Foreign Office has confirmed that a British security consultant died in Afghanistan today.

Mark Duffus, of Forres in northeastern Scotland, was working for international security management group Blue Hackle.

British national Mark Duffus was working as a security consultant when he died in Afghanistan. Credit: LinkedIn/Mark Duffus

The circumstances of Mr Duffus’ death are unknown.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We can confirm the death of a British national, Mark Duffus, in Afghanistan on the 2nd of July.

“We are providing consular assistance to his family at this difficult time”.

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