Jarod Keith Cravens, Former Marine, Fluor, Killed in Kabul Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Jarod Keith Cravens, Age 32, Died October 29 2011 as the result of injuries sustained when a suicide car bomber attacked the armored personnel carrier in which he was traveling in Kabul, Afghanistan. Jarod enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, after graduating from Cedar Hill High School in 1998 … Continue reading

Contractors’ faulty systems blamed fro overbilling the government

Dyncorp, Flour and DKR billings faulty Original Story here August 11, 2009 The Army this year rejected millions of dollars worth of billings for logistics services in Iraq and Afghanistan by contractors Dyncorp, Fluor and KBR on grounds they were faulty and excessive, a top Pentagon auditor said today. April … Continue reading

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