Angel Roldan, Civilian Contractor, DynCorp killed in Afghanistan Convoy Attack  May 23, 2013 The family of Angel Roldan Jr. of Stafford County found out last week that he had been killed May 16 in an explosion in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul, along with three other DynCorp International employees. One of Roldan’s sons, Angel R. Roldan, who lives in Stafford, … Continue reading

Robert D Halsell, Civilian Contractor, DynCorp killed in Afghanistan Convoy Attack

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Family members have confirmed a New Mexican working as a military contractor was among 15 people killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on Thursday. Robert d. Halsell was raised in hatch and still has family in the state. He served in the U.S. Army for 26 … Continue reading

Michael Bradford, Civilian Contractor, DynCorp, Killed in Afghanistan Convoy Attack

Local 12 Cinncinnati   A graduate of Highlands High School was among those killed in a blast in Afghanistan on Thursday, according to a friend of the family. Michael Bradford was reportedly part of a military convoy which was the target of a suicide bomber in the Afghan capital of … Continue reading

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